Please complete the following Subcontractor Pre-Qualification Form and submit it with attachments to be considered for pre-qualification and be added to our bidders list. Please note that any resulting subcontracts will be on Dunn’s standard subcontract terms and conditions that can be found here.

A. All subcontractors approved shall meet the following minimum requirements:

  1. Written safety program.
  2. Safety Manager with OSHA 30 training for companies over 10 personnel.  (See Subcontractor Safety Policy for specific jobsite requirements.)
  3. Current EMR less than 1.25.

B.  Subcontractors wishing to receive DBC’s “Highly Qualified” status (to be considered for stricter locations as specified by customers) are expected to have in addition to paragraph A:

  1. Written safety program customized for the subcontractor’s company and trade
  2. EMR ≤ 1.00 and a RIR ≤ 3.00 for each of previous 3 years

C. Subcontractors wishing to perform in a design-build relationship to Dunn Building Company shall:

  1. Have a registered professional engineer on staff licensed in their trade who will be in the direct line of responsibility for the subject project, OR
  2. Have a DBIA Certified Design-Build Professional on staff who will be in the direct line of responsibility for the subject project.  An Associate DBIA Design-Build Professional will be allowed until January 1, 2024.