Project Type



Decatur, AL


Daikin America, Inc.

General Contractor

Dunn Building Company

Architect & Engineer

Pegasus TSI, Inc.

Delivery Method

General Contracting


Dunn will erect two different structures at Daikin America in Decatur, Alabama. The first is a 15,000 SF, Six Story 120' tall conventional steel structure addition at building B2. We are placing all of the misc. steel before pouring the concrete decks on each level. As the building is going up we will also set all of the Owners 128 pieces of equipment throughout each level. We are also providing and installing all of the roofing and wall panels for this expansion. Interior work will consist of some gypsum board/fire wall installation and painting. Second is a 9,000 SF expansion to the B3 building which is one story 30' tall structure. We will perform the same scope of work on it as well as some interior renovations to a small portion of the existing building.