Pelham, AL


Resource Solutions Group

General Contractor

Dunn Building Company

Architect & Engineer

George M. Phillippi Architect

Delivery Method



Dunn Building Company has been awarded a Design-Build contract for the renovations and improvements to the Research Solutions facility in Pelham, Alabama. The scope of this project includes the construction of a reinforced concrete dyke containment structure to house 29 each 30,000 gallon, 11 each 10,000 gallon and 3 each 7,500 gallon chemical storage and blending tanks. Also included is a new Pre-engineered Metal Building structure for the new Truck Unloading / Truck Scale System. Minor improvements will be made to the existing PEMB Warehouse structure that includes removing and replacing damaged steel columns and beams, removing and replacing areas of damaged concrete floor slabs, installing supplemental steel framing to support increased collateral loads of the roof structure, the construction of Employee Restrooms, Janitor Closet, and Electrical Room, replacement of portions of the existing metal wall panels and trim, roof repairs and patching, roof insulation patching, removing and replacing of the existing skylights and adding more skylights, installing a Fire Sprinkler System and installing new Warehouse Lighting. Site improvements include new asphalt drives, new chain link fence and motor operated gates and underground storm drainage.