Project Type

New Construction


Fairfield, Alabama


United States Steel Corporation

General Contractor

UIG - Universal Industrial Gases


Dunn Building Company

Architect & Engineer

Pany & Lentz Engineering Company

Delivery Method



Dunn Building Company was selected by UIG to construct the reinforced concrete foundations and electrical grounding grid for Phase 1 of the Air Separation Unit for U.S. Steel Corporation in Fairfield, AL. The scope of work includes construction of several large mat foundations, drilled shaft caissons, pile caps, tank support pedestals, concrete piers, and electrical grounding of each foundation. UIG is a USA-based, world-wide supplier of industrial gases production equipment to companies desirous of owning and operating their own nitrogen, oxygen, argon and compressed dry air production units. The new Air Separation Unit for U.S. Steel will produce up to 300 tons per day of pure oxygen, nitrogen, and argon to supply the new state-of-the-art electric arc furnace being installed by U.S. Steel.